Wedding customs and traditions

Different cultures, different customs very different traditions. That’s the way of weddings. Every religion, region and country has different wedding traditions. There are close similarities, yet they are still very different.

I am most familiar with the traditional Catholic wedding but there are many other ways of celebrating such a joyous occasion. In thirteenth century Scotland, the announcement of intended marriages was a process of banns of marriage. Although this has recently been outdated, it leaves its influence on announcing marriages. After announcing the marriage proposal there is a fourteen-day waiting period before any arrangements are made for the couple.

Like bridal showers held before a traditional Catholic wedding, a show of presents is held for the bride to be. Instead of wrapped gifts bidding the bride good luck, all gifts are unwrapped and displayed as necessary. A simple card or the guest who brought the gift accompanies these gifts. After this show of presents, the bride is dressed up in traditionally a long dress and train made from any fabric. She is then escorted around town with guests making loud noises announcing the wedding to be. The bride to be carries a baby doll, “plastic potty  filled with salt and other small items. All these things are believed to bring good luck for the bride including prosperity and fertility.

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