The Concept of Love

Love is a complex emotion of attachment and obsession. Love cannot be classified so easily, though; it cannot be stuffed into a social concept and left there. Love has many different meanings to many different people; it can tossed aside like dirty rag, unimportant and forgotten, or cherished and cared for like a priceless gemstone. To me, love is a connection between the hearts and minds of two people. It is a feeling of trust and wholeness; a feeling that in the other person’s eyes, you can do no wrong. To explain the process of “falling in love”, I will use a hypothetical couple and analyze their relationship as it progresses.

It begins with a spark. Two people meet and they make a connection, which (at this stage) will be considered friendship. This connection may mature and expand through common interests, such as admiring the same music or desiring the same expensive car. As time passes and these two people get to know each other, they begin embrace each other for who they are inside; accepting each other’s flaws and overcoming obstacles together. The trust that these actions foster will be the couple’s Big Bang; Love’s star will be born and it will cast blinding rays of hope and happiness down upon the friends.

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