The Basics of Wedding Planning

Is it worth the 365 days of countless hours of hard work, just trying to make someone else’s one “big day” special? A professional wedding consultant has many jobs in planning the bride’s big party, from finding the right venue, talking with the bride and groom on what colors they want and what food to serve. But lastly picking the big date to start their new chapter in their wonderful life journey. I have chosen to do research on the wedding consultant using narrative skills and using an informative tone to show you what the job consists of underneath the umbrella of Hospitably Management. The consultant will always put the bride before him or herself due to the wife being the main focus. Putting people before myself has always been one of my main priorities in life, and since I do a good job at that I feel like going into the wedding consultant business would suit me.

There are many questions that come up within Hospitably Management. How do I find the right wedding planner? How do you know if he/she the real thing? Is he or she certified in what they went to school for? The questions just keep building on top of each other, becoming more and more complex. Combining all of those simple questions, I wanted to flip them and ask the question if you’re the wedding consultant and you want to get married, do you plan it by yourself or do you get someone else plan it for you? This made me think, if you have an obsession of everything being perfect, do you think the other planner has the same feeling? When answering those questions I think, where can I find the answers? Either I can type the whole question into Google or I can do some reading on wedding consultants. Might as well do both, due to needing so much information on the subject if I want to go to school for the business.

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