Attending to a Marriage Ceremony

A marriage ceremony is a merry scene. Many people gather wearing their best dress on this occasion. A few days ago, I enjoyed a three days leave on the occasion of my cousin’s wedding ceremony. The ceremony was held at Shohag Community Center in Dhaka. It was a glorious ceremony. The bride and the bridegroom were dressed of wedding gorgeously. A big and tastefully designed gate was made at the entrance of the centre. The gate was illuminated with multi-coloured electric bulbs in such a manner that it was shown like a splendid show. We all went to the community centre by microbuses from my cousin’s residence. The bridegroom was given a special seat prepared and decorated gorgeously. About one thousand guests from both sides attended in the ceremony. Most of the women wore gorgeous sarees and other varieties of dress along with valuable ornaments. There was a glitter of ornaments among the women. Men also wore dresses of the finest materials and cuts. There were greetings, smiles and laughter among the people. The formalities of the marriage were completed in a hearty environment. Then the bridegroom and his newly married wife got board on an excellent car and went to his residence. I felt delighted because the occasion gave me an opportunity to meet many relatives at one place and to enjoy a pleasant evening.

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